It's Time for Kickoff

Execute Your Winning COVID Testing Plan

We're sorry you missed our recent webinar hosted by Lead1 and Campus Health Project, “Countdown to Kickoff – How to Execute Your Winning COVID Testing Plan.” Not to worry though, there's still a chance to get access to all the valuable information and our free consultation offer!

It's time to kickoff your own winning COVID Testing plan and CHP is here to help! Schedule a free consultation so we can work together to keep your student athletes and your staff safe in the season to come. Request your consultation now!

If you're not yet ready for a consultation, watch the recording of the webinar to get some insights and key information on developing your reopening strategy for your athletic program.

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In this very informative hour, we covered topics ranging from the current state of collegiate sports testing, the main types of tests, identifying the right testing lab to best serve your student athletes and staff, testing logistics, operational challenges, and more

It’s our hope that this webinar provided you and your team with the information you need to create a safe and effective plan that will get your athletes back in the game this fall. We know it’s a lot of information to take in — if you have questions that are pertinent to your particular program, the professionals at CHP are ready to address them! 

Campus Health Project, higher education’s COVID-19 testing partner, was founded to help universities and colleges secure the testing capacity and logistical support they need to resume campus life for Fall 2020 and beyond. CHP offers a turnkey solution that’s not only FDA-approved and HIPAA-compliant, but also enables you to execute a smooth testing process, including needs analysis, receiving collection kits, sending specimens, and getting quick test results via dashboards, real-time alerts, and custom reporting.

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